UVA Student Harassed and Doxxed by Social Justice Protesters for Allegedly Making Racial Remark

Med Student Sues School for Allegedly Prohibiting Him From Forming Group to Promote Healthcare Reform

University of Michigan Prof Claims Math and Science Classes Are Racist



  • William Jacobson: "DO WE EVEN HAVE A PRESIDENT? This is not funny. Biden is barely present. It's scary."
  • Mary Chastain: "Joe Biden is a bully and a coward."
  • Fuzzy Slippers: "A lot of heads need to roll (figuratively speaking, of course) over the humiliating and abject failure--one of truly historic proportions--of the Biden botched withdrawal from Afghanistan.  Starting with this guy."
  • Leslie Eastman: "It seems that the Biden Administration is a better ally to China than those nations and groups to whom America is supposed to be allied.  China May Align Itself with Taliban to Exploit Afghanistan’s Rare Earth Metals"
  • Stacey Matthews: "It would appear that so-called 'Republican' Congressman Adam Kinzinger is pathetically trying to extend his 15 minutes of fame into overtime."
  • David Gerstman: "As the administration’s handling of Afghanistan seems to be getting worse and worse, it’s important to remember that many of those now (rightly) criticizing President Joe Biden recommended him for President. For example, the Washington Post which harshly criticized Biden, last September endorsed him for President, writing, “On foreign policy, Mr. Biden offers an enormously positive change from the Trump administration, simply by promising to rebuild long-standing U.S. alliances and the global leadership that Mr. Trump has willfully disrupted.” If you recommended Biden on the strength of his expected foreign policy, now that he’s failed in that realm, admit that you were wrong."
  • Vijeta Uniyal: "As U.S. President Joe Biden is busy blaming former President Donald Trump, the deposed Afghan government, and everyone else in between for the Afghanistan debacle he unleashed, the Taliban is mass-murdering, raping, and pillaging its way to a Sharia-governed Islamic state. With Taliban forces consolidating their hold on the country, media reports suggest mass execution of unarmed government soldiers at the hands of the jihadi fighters. Following the Sharia law and the rules of Jihad warfare, the Taliban fighters are treating Afghan women as war booty."

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